Apollo Business Center II is a group of modern office buildings located in the business district of Bratislava. It ranks among the largest office developments in the region thanks to a gross lettable area of 81,000 m2, comprising both office and retail space. Apollo Business Center II is the first building in Slovakia to have been awarded the prestigious British BREEAM certification, recognising its sustainable design and the highest standard of the services and facilities provided to all tenants and visitors.


Within the Apollo Business Center II, there is a wide range of services and facilities to ensure maximum comfort and convenience can be enjoyed by all of its users. Moreover, there are also a wide range of additional services, shops, restaurants, and cafés within easy walking access of the offices, thanks to its great location.

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Office and retail / Tel.: +421 908 729 331 / Tel.: +421 907 933 317 / Tel.: +421 905 397 972


Short-term rentals, marketing events / Tel.: +421 911 661 044

Price list – short term rentals (PDF)

The offices are built to the highest standard using modern technologies and are highly environmentally friendly. Apollo Business Center II has been designed in accordance with the latest architectural concepts of work-life balance.


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HB REAVIS Slovakia a. s.

Mlynské nivy 16
821 09 Bratislava
+4212 5830 30 30
+4212 5830 30 00

Commercial Property Manager: / Tel.: +421 911 661 044

Technical Property Manager: / Tel.: +421 917 598 720




Blok A: + 4212 3232 3602

Blok B: + 4212 3232 3603

Blok C: + 4212 3232 3604

Blok D: + 4212 3232 3605

Blok E: + 4212 3232 3606

Blok F: + 4212 3232 3607

Blok G: + 4212 3232 3608

Blok H: + 4212 3232 3609


HB Reavis is an international real estate developer founded in 1993 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It operates in the key markets of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), the United Kingdom and in Turkey. The operations have so far yielded a total of 840,000 sq m of modern offices, shopping and entertainment spaces in addition to logistics facilities, and a further 1 million sq m of developments are in the planning, permit or construction stages. HB Reavis relies on a fully integrated business model covering development, construction, property and investment management. The group has total assets of EUR
1.83 billion, with a net asset value of EUR 1.024 billion. With more than 440 professionals, HB Reavis is one of the market leaders in commercial real estate in Europe.